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Hotline 091-109-3911

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Hotline 091-109-3911

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Exclusive distributors of California scents in Thailand.



EnviroKleen™ is a “green”

EnviroKleen™ is a “green” certification program offered by ChemTel Inc. to address the growing need to distinguishing items for the consumers that are environmentally friendly. In order to pass this certification, the products must meet or exceed the criteria outlined in the program. Car Scents Palm Hang Out Pets Lover Xtream Scents

California Scents Green label

California Scents is driven by its commitment to make a positive impact on the environment. From our corporate office, to our production facility and our products, we are focused on providing consumers with high quality products that have a minimal impact on the environment. Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy usage and waste are core values of our company.

California Eco-Friendly

The term “eco-friendly” is used to describe activities which are good for the environment. It is a shortening of “ecologically friendly,” and you may also hear terms like “environmentally friendly” or “green” used to describe similar activities. There are a range of ways in which activities can be eco or environmentally friendly, ranging from products which are constructed in an environmentally friendly way to making lifestyle changes which are designed to benefit the environment.


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