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California Car Scents® Balboa Bubblegum


Our Balboa Bubblegum flavour is inspired by your favourite chewing gum, this fragrance captures all your childhood memories in one with our novelty scent and anyone who comes into your car will be envious of the delicious smell that this scent has to offer. A sweet scent aromas your car and eliminates odours to provide a fresh and fun vibe for all your road trips!


Our Balboa Bubblegum is a scent which you will either love or hate but it will certainly get a reaction from all car enthusiasts! A combination of sweet and classic pink bubblegum aroma that will fill your car. Every time you get in it will make you want to sit in your car all day - but no matter how yummy it smells don’t attempt to eat it.


Simply open the California Car Scents® Balboa Bubblegum scent, adjust the easy to use vented lid and rotate the scent pads to adapt the scent intensity for light or increased freshness for a full 60 days. Our scents are packed into an innovative canister that is discreet and easy to place in many areas of your car.


Each of our California Car Scents® air freshener is made of safe nontoxic, nonflammable, water-based gel packed in a basic, yet durable black cube container.


If you're looking for an air freshener that not only smells good, is non-spillable, and great value for money then you should definitely try our California Car Scents®.


If you love our Balboa Bubblegum flavour then you will LOVE these - why not give them a try today!


Coronado Cherry, Balboa Bubblegum, Monterey Vanilla, La Jolla Lemon, Citrus Splash, Malibu Lemon, Mojave Mango, Orange Blossom, Santa Barbara Berry, Strawberries and Cream,Verri Berry, Capistrano Coconut, Fresh Linen, Golden State Delight.

Let your mood indicate the scent you want to experience with our California Car Scents®.

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